CTIS290 - Summer Internship

Are you Eligible for CTIS290?

Important Notes and Eligibility Criteria for "CTIS290-Summer Internship"

  1. Maximum no. of courses to enroll in Summer School is 2.
  2. If you register to Summer School then you cannot perform internship while taking courses: you can delay internship to AUG.
  3. Summer Internship duration is 20 working days (4 weeks).

At the end of SPRING semester:
PAST = Number of departmental (CTIS-coded) courses that you owe (have not successfully passed yet) from the first four curriculum semesters.

if (PAST >= 7) then you cannot perform Summer Internship this year.
else if (PAST <= 4) then perform Summer Internship in June-August.
(considering item (b) above).
else // PAST is 5 or 6
take one
(PAST:5) or two (PAST:6) course(s) in Summer School. At the end of summer school:
if (PAST<=4) then perform Summer Internship in August.
else you cannot perform Summer Internship this year.

Important Exception: If you are selected as an "Erasmus Outgoing CTIS Student" and PAST=5 then
you should still take one course in Summer School AND you may start your Summer Internship immediately (June or July) so that you may go abroad in August .

Important Dates

Submit "Application Form"Until March.25.2022, 17:00 to ctis290@bilkent.edu.tr
Submit "Company Information Form"Until May.16.2022, 17:00 to ctis290@bilkent.edu.tr (This deadline is for the students who will start with the start of summer school. If you are planning to start later in July or August, send the form at least 10 days before the start. This is crucial for company approval and insurance operations)
Internship StartsEarliest - June.06.2022
Internship EndsAfter the completion of 20 working days. Earliest - July.01.2022
Submit "Company Evaluation Form" + "Student Evaluation Form" + "Internship Report"Before the Fall Semester Starts OR Latest whenever internship ends (for those students who will start 310 Semester Internship immediately in Fall Semester)